Hindu Mandir
Hindu Mandir
Introduced in Civ4
Cost[1]300 Hammer
Special Abilities
  • +50% Culture
  • +2 Happiness if Hinduism is State Religion
  • Can turn 2 Citizens into Priest
  • +1 Happiness from Incense
  • Double Production Speed with Marble
Requires Hindu Temple (2[2] Total)[3]



"In Civilization IV, a cathedral is defined as an especially large and ornate religious building where the faithful worship. Only the most prosperous cities can afford to create cathedrals, as they require huge amounts of raw material and years of dedicated labor by skilled craftsmen. For example, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, took over two centuries to complete.

A "mandir" is the name used to describe all Hindu places of worship; used here it refers only to the larger and more important temples. Typically, a mandir is dedicated to a primary Hindu deity and other deities associated with that particular god, though in the US many different gods are worshiped in each mandir. The earliest mention of a mandir appears in the fifth century BC. The Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple built in the 12th Century AD, is one of the finest surviving Hindu mandirs in the world."


"The Mandir (Hindu Cathedral) greatly increases a city's cultural output. It makes a city's citizens happy (if Hinduism is the state religion)."


In the city screen press the following icon to start Hindu Mandir construction:

Game versionButton
AllIcoHindu Mandir

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  1. Cost depends on Game Speed. Quick: 200 Hammer, Epic: 450 Hammer, Marathon: 900 Hammer.
  2. The number depends on Map Size. It requires 2 on Duel, Tiny and Small, 3 on Standard and Large, and 4 on Huge.
  3. This special ability affects every version of the game, but appears only in C4bts.