Confucian Temple
Confucian Temple
Introduced in Civ4
Cost[1]80 Hammer
Culture+1 Culture
Happy+1 Happiness
Special Abilities
  • Can turn 1 Citizen into Priest



"In Civilization IV, a temple is defined as a building where the faithful come to worship. Christians call their temples "churches," while Muslims call theirs "mosques," and Jews call theirs, simply, "temples." Temples are far more common than cathedrals, but much less large and ornate. Even the smallest village can possess a temple.

Though Confucius himself was a philosopher rather than a religious leader, over time he was accorded the status of a god and worshipped across Asia. Many temples to Confucius were constructed, some small and private, others more extensive where hundreds of worshippers could attend services. Many Confucian temples were constructed in the pagoda style of architecture."


"Temples increase a city's happiness and culture. They are especially useful for expanding your civilization's borders during the early game."


In the city screen press the following icon to start Confucian Temple construction:

Game versionButton
AllIcoConfucian Temple

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  1. Cost depends on Game Speed. Quick: 53 Hammer, Epic: 120 Hammer, Marathon: 240 Hammer.