Introduced in C4w
Unique Building for Spanish Empire (Replaces Castle)
Cost[1]100 Hammer
Culture+1 Culture
Special Abilities
  • +1 Trade Routes
  • 50% Defense (Except vs. Gunpowder-based Units)
  • -50% Damage to Defenses from Bombardment
    (Except vs. Gunpowder-based Units) (only in C4w)
  • -25% Damage to Defenses from Bombardment
    (Except vs. Gunpowder-based Units) (only in C4bts)
  • New Siege Weapons Receive +5 Experience Points

Requires Walls

  • Double Production Speed with Stone

Obsolete with Economics (Except defensive bonus)

  • +25% Espionage (only in C4bts)
  • Double production speed for Protective leaders[2]



"Throughout history, men have built fortified structures to protect themselves from external enemies. These structures have taken many forms over the years, from simple ditches and walls to medieval castles to huge and complex "star" fortresses designed to protect against muskets and cannon. Citadels are large castle-like structures built in or adjacent to cities. They are designed to defend the city against external attack, and (often) to protect the city's rulers against internal revolt.

During the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries, Spain was a mighty colonial power with cities scattered throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America, providing Spain with (among other things) enormous quantities of silver and gold. These cities were under constant threat of attack, both from European fleets and armies as well as from native uprisings. To protect its possessions, the Spanish built a series of mighty citadels in its most important cities. When properly garrisoned and supplied, these were extremely difficult to capture. Remnants of these Spanish citadels can still be seen throughout the New World - El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a fine example of Spanish defensive works."


"Citadels, the Spanish replacements for Castles, increase a city's defenses against pre-gunpowder units, and gives new siege units built there some extra experience."

Difference from Castle

It gives +5 Experience Points to Siege Weapons created in the city, and (only in C4w) it reduces the Damage taken from Bombardment by 50%, instead of 25%.


In the city screen press the following icon to start Citadel construction:

Game versionButton
C4w and C4btsIcoCitadel

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  1. Cost depends on Game Speed. Quick: 67 Hammer, Epic: 150 Hammer, Marathon: 300 Hammer.
  2. This special ability affects in C4w and C4bts, but appears only in C4bts.